Viceroy Santa Monica Engagement : Sonya+Eric

It happened on a Sunday Fun Day, a day of the week filled with good times, laughter, and, well, fun. Sonya's friend invited her hang out on a Sunday afternoon along the beach and while there, Sonya met Eric. He was vivacious and funny and somehow snagged Sonya's phone and called his own…just like that he had her number programmed on his phone. To ensure Eric had her often waning attention throughout the evening, he grabbed a pen and scribbled on Sonya's arm, leaving a mess of marks on her forearm.

Five days later, and after a good scrubbing of Eric's pen marks, Sonya drove to San Clemente to meet friends at a beach house. Famished, she raided the pantry, plopped on the sofa next to the guys, threw her feet on the coffee table, and poured a bag of barbeque chips into her mouth. It was then–watching Sonya shovel crispy snack after crispy snack into her mouth–that Eric fell. Hard. He loved her independence and disregard to what others thought and was determined to make her fall in love with him.

For the next few weeks, Eric texted Sonya…daily. Small quips, salutations, and wishes for sweet dreams. Overtime Sonya looked forward to hearing from Eric and missed his communication if he forgot his daily text. She agreed to go to dinner with Eric and fell. Hard. She loved his humor, personality, and heart and was determined to spend the rest of her life with him.

I am incredibly excited to work with Eric and Sonya later this month for their wedding. We began their engagement session at the Viceroy Santa Monica and spent time doing what they do best…laughing, joking, and loving.

Ooooh, Sonya, you're such a beaut…really.

The light at the Viceroy Santa Monica was just spectacular for the engagement photos…

I love the way Sonya and Eric love. They're completely themselves around each other and can make each other crumble into a fit of laughter in a matter of seconds. Many thanks to Erin of Sterling Social for connecting us and ensuring we were a good fit…clearly, they think I'm HILARIOUS. 😉

We walked down to the beach in Santa Monica and enjoyed the amazing weather and beautiful sunset…

Happy Tuesday!