Wanna Set (& Achieve) BIG Goals? Here’s How

Since the beginning of my business, I’ve realized the importance of setting goals.

*I mean… How can I aim for the target if I don’t even know where the bullseye is located?*

When I started my photography business in 2007, I wrote my goals in an old notebook…

>>But now when I look back at my many dreams, none of them compared to the reality of what my life has become.<<

This is why it’s important for business owners to set goals…to see what's POSSIBLE when you have a clear plan!

I want to challenge you to take time out of your busy schedules to think about where you want your arrow to land at the end of this year.

This year is fresh, and there are endless opportunities to turn your Dreams into Do’s and make them happen. The easy part is talking about a Dream…the hard work begins when you Do.

Hear me out: research proves setting a specific goal ensures you have a chance of getting precisely that.

>>Success only comes when you stick with a course of action to achieve what you want.<<

So how, exactly, do you make your dreams reality?

Let’s get your wheels turning on how you’ll charge into 2021 with excitement and confidence.

How to Choose a Goal

  • First, ask yourself: What worked well in 2020?
  • Then, What didn’t work well in 2020?
  • And finally, What do you want more of in 2021?

Setting a Goal

When setting a goal, keep 5 things in mind:

  1. Do I have the capacity?
  2. Set a date.
  3. Figure out how.
  4. Create a timeline.
  5. Create tasks.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay Jasmine, now I know what my goals are and if they’re attainable.. But how do I stick to them?”

>>Friend, the best way to achieve your goal is to break it down by quarter, then by month, then by week, and finally, by day.<<

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