Wedding Albums by Leather Craftsmen

As I begin another year of wedding photography, I'm reminded of the beauty I get to capture.  Yes, I mean weddings, but I also mean more than that.  Lots more.  I capture a single frame of time.  I moment that belongs just to the bride and groom, a memory preserved by them…and for them.

Seeing their wedding day come to life and curated in a wedding album is incredibly beautiful and a gift I don't take lightly.  My soulful clients Danielle and Randy chose stunning images to tell their wedding story and I wanted to give a sneak peek.


The album was designed by Amy at Albumesque, who has designed every album I've ever created.  She's amazing and together we ensure our clients have a book that entirely reflects their love.


Many thanks to the crew at Leather Craftsmen who hand-assemble each album to ensure it's a work of art.


Danielle and Randy were specific with their requests:  No more than two photos per spread.  Internet, this is MUSIC TO MY EARS.  They added pages to their album because they wanted each spread to breathe, reflect editorial aesthetic, and stand the test of time.  I couldn't be happier with their decision.

This album is 12×12 leather album is part of the 3500 series at Leather Craftsmen with thin black page thickness (I opted for thin page thickness because the album is 40 pages/80 sides, so if I used the standard thickness pages, it would've been way too heavy…and monstrous).


To see previous albums in other shapes and sizes, you can check out a series of posts from the past eight years HERE.

If you’d like to check out Leather Craftsmen albums, be sure to drop Ira Gershoff an email…he’s been helping me since 2006 and is wonderful at explaining the wedding album process ( If you’re a photographer and would like to order a sample album, you can receive a 50% discount for your first order by listing Jasmine50StudioSample upon check out…or you can receive a 15% discount on your first album order if you’re ordering a client album by listingJasmine15Discount upon check out.