What Does Your Audience Want To See On Video?

If you have followed me for awhile, you know I am obsessed with using video to market my business.

*And if you haven’t been here for awhile, good to see you homie!*

I use all different kinds of videos for my business—IGTV, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and Facebook videos.

If it exists, I’m doing it! Why?

>>I am dedicated to diversifying my marketing efforts to reach as many of my potential customers as I can.<<

The truth is, everyone has their preferred way of consuming content, and I believe I am doing a disservice if I do not give my audience content in all different ways.

Now, you might be asking, “Jasmine, I want to create videos but how do I know what people want to see?”

I gotchu boo! Let’s talk about 3 ways you can find video ideas.

1. Frequently Asked Questions: What are people (AKA your customers and followers) asking you a lot? Those FAQ’s are great video topics. If you do not have any customers yet, that’s okay boo boo! Look at YouTube channels of other people in your industry that are much more advanced, and read the comments of their posts and see what questions they are asking. These people are probably your ideal client too!

2. What You Wish You Knew: When you first started, what were the questions you had? The longer you’re in your industry the more elevated your education comes. You have to remember your customers don’t know as much as you do, so by asking yourself what you wish you knew “back then” actually puts you in the shoes of your future customer.

3. Amazon Reviews: Did you know you can find the best ideas for content when you search on Amazon for a book that is related to the product you’re selling? Read 3 star reviews of people who have an opinion that will comment on what they wished was in the book. Or they’ll say they love that section about X, maybe you can make a video on that!

>>Friend, your objective as strong entrepreneur and visionary should be creating content for a small group of people that turns them from a passive follower to a raving fan.<<

  • Go live on Instagram.
  • Create YouTube videos.
  • Test out IGTV.
  • Go live on Facebook.
  • Show up on Instagram stories.

Invite people into your world by creating content that they want to see by answering frequently asked questions and telling them what you wish you knew when you first started out. And if you’re stuck, head on over to the Amazon reviews of similar products to yours and get ideas there!

The most important thing you can do is show. up. I can’t wait to watch your videos and smash the like button to show my support!