What Happens When Your Friend Follows Her Dreams

Last night we piled into her hotel room, the one adjacent to the San Diego water's edge. Just past midnight, we talked in bed and reminisced about our time in high school. We texted our group of best friends throughout the concert, just to send pictures of how far Melanie has come since our teenage years. Together we chatted about the numerous times Melanie sang our alma mater during football rallies and we'd hold hands and know she was destined for big things. Her voice was nothing short of angelic.

Apparently, Taylor Swift thought so, too. Melanie has been the backup singer for the Red Tour for about a year and she's traveled the world doing what she loves. She invited us to watch her perform last night and it was spectacular. There's nothing sweeter than watching your best friend follow her dreams…and bringing us along for the adventures.

This is Melanie…one of the sweetest best friends a girl could ask for.

My friends show me how to stick together, how to be there in life's toughest moments, and how to pursue wild, reckless, and passionate dreams.

My friend, Brianna, wanted to me to write that these are her photos. She's, apparently, stoked with her iphone camera skills.