What They Don’t Tell You About Adoption

Here's what they won't tell you about adoption…

>>No one explained the sheer force of will it takes not wrap your baby in a flour tortilla and eat her whole, like a burrito.<<

…The double-stuffed-Chipotle-style burrito.

*Yes, I know guacamole is extra.*

>>Real talk: Life has been hard, complicated, and–sometimes–really confusing.<<

Since adopting my daughter, Luna Sol, in February of this year and then going straight into quarantine which rocked everyone’s world, JD and I have looked at each other in desperation more than once as we figure out parenting during a pandemic.

But then (like moments of unwrapped tin foil) there are moments of joy, excitement, and hope.

And these moments? Luna creates them for us.

>>If you're having a rough day or week (or, heck, 2020 am I right!?), baby Luna is sending you love and light.<<

Because of our long adoption journey, she represents hope, patience, and love.

I'm focusing on gratitude and today I'm thankful for:

  • Babies,
  • Burritos, and
  • YOU.

What is one thing you're grateful for?

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