What to Do When You Don’t Feel Ready

You know I’m a straight shooter, right? You know you can count on me to tell you like it is.

So let’s cut to the chase, shall we? YOU ARE NOT READY.

  • You are not ready to start.
  • You are not ready to announce.
  • You are not ready to publish.
  • You are not ready to share.  

*Heck, you’re not even ready to sell.*

But you wanna know what to do when you don’t feel ready? DO IT ANYWAY.

  • Start now.
  • Get scrappy.
  • Stay humble.
  • Make mistakes.
  • Then make them right.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Post online.

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  • Thank the haters.
  • Blow air kisses to the doubters.
  • Respond to every comment.

>>The truth is you’re probably not ready to jump…but those who do are the first to learn, adapt, and grow wings on the flight down.<<

So tell me, friend, are you ready to DO IT ANYWAY?

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Ready… set… jump.