What to Post on Social Media When Just Starting Out

If your business is in the infant stages or you’re a social media newbie and not sure what to post about…listen up, my friend!

This blog post has everything you need to show up on social media when just starting out…from a punch-in-the-gut reality check to a proven method for developing a social media strategy.

First things first, let me deal it to you straight, friend:

>>Your first social media posts don’t matter.<<

*Hang with me, I’ll explain!*

Chances are, if you’re starting a new social media account, the only people that are going to follow you are your closest friends and family, right? (And thanks to our frenemy the algorithm, they might not be able to see your content at first anyway!)

So yes, the first social media posts don’t matter. Release yourself of that expectation from the get-go!

Now here’s the good news:

>>Just because your initial social media posts don’t matter doesn’t mean that what you’re doing NOW doesn’t matter!<<

What matters is setting the foundation and developing a strategy for your social media platform moving forward as you acquire more and more followers.

Speaking of strategy, let’s dive into a method that we teach on the inside of Social Curator that’s proven to drive engagement and increase followers!

If you’re just starting out or stuck in analysis paralysis, here are seven categories you can use when creating social media content so your followers will know what to expect on your page:

1. Behind the Scenes

Your followers want to see how you make your business work, and there’s no better way than to show them your day-to-day life!

2. My Why

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” 

These words from Simon Sinek are soooo true. People (especially millennials) want to know the purpose behind your business, so it’s important to share it!

3. Personal Insights 

Giving an inside look about who you are as a person, like how you spend your weekends and holidays or where you volunteer, can help personalize the conversations you have on social media.

4. Encouragement

It’s been proven that quotes and inspirational messages perform well on social media. Use that to your advantage, while also brightening someone’s day!

5. About Me

This category covers all aspects of you as a business owner, like the decisions you make, what you’re working on, and the bigger picture of what you do.

6. Benefits

Sharing the benefits of your business (results, feelings, etc.) is a great way to talk about your business without sounding “sales-y.”

7. Showcase Product/Service

Last, but certainly not least, sharing information about the product(s) or service(s) you provide gives you the ability to show what you do without selling. 

There you have it, friend: seven categories to help you get started posting on social media. Feel free to add 2-5 more categories of your choosing so your audience can see every angle of you and your business!

The best news is that once you build out these categories, you can continue using them forever! 

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