What You Need to do to GROW Your Business in the New Year


What do you need to do to GROW your business in 2018?  Sometimes it's just admitting you didn't do your best last year…then figuring out what, exactly, needs to change.

Though I do my best to respond to every email I receive, it's impossible to keep up with them in totality.  But when I got an email from Stephanie, my heart sank.  I buried her words in my heart, but they stuck with me for days…

I am at a loss with my business and I have this paralyzing fear that it's all been for nothing and it's going nowhere. After a couple years of pretty great business, I feel as if everything has come to a halt. Bookings are down, people who inquire don't even respond…I was so busy the last year that my website fell by the wayside and my blog is nonexistent. I'm more than aware that with all of the competition out there, I need to be on my A game, but hot damn, it's hard.

I, of course, had to respond because we've ALL been there.  We've all stood on the cusp of greatness and despair.

This video includes my thoughts (and a few ideas) how to turn things around in your business…and what you need to do find the fire that exists in your entrepreneurial soul.

Much love, sweet friend.