When My MOM Goes Live With Me On Instagram

When I first started my blogging journey in 2006, it was a *hot* mess.

I shared everything from advice for success and wedding day tips for new photographers to love notes to my husband and business partner JD.

It may have been a little unorganized, but hey, if you scroll back far enough you’ll see the raw, open-hearted content that amassed hundreds of thousands of readers.

I realized this week that I haven’t shared anything like that in awhile, because I’ve been so focused on the business tips, social media tricks, and mindset shifts you, my reader, have grown to expect and love.

I debated sharing this video because, well, it’s just a short conversation with my mom. Then I stopped myself: it’s not “just” a conversation.

This was a moment that—for years—I feared wouldn’t happen. She battled brain cancer for almost a decade.

It had hid in her brain and made its way to her central nervous system, so nothing was left untouched. 

Her doctors gave up on treatment.

…they said it was time to plan for her funeral (but we didn’t)

…they said she wouldn’t be able to walk me down the aisle (but she did)

…they said not to expect her to hold her grandchildren (but she does)

You see, God has a funny way of making miracles come to life.

Years later, here we are, on Instagram, as she totally pulls a “mom” and tells thousands of my followers that I’m special… All I can say is:

Can I get an AMEN for miracles?!