Who You Have to Be to Get the Results You Want

Recently, the question I’ve been asking myself a lot is: “Who do I have to be today in my life or my business to get the results I want tomorrow?”

Because baby boo, I’m the first to admit that the overwhelm is real.

  • When will life go back to normal?
  • When will the quarantine end?

>>Instead of asking myself these questions that I can’t answer, instead I focus on who I am and what I’m doing TODAY.<<

Because the truth is: I will never be where I want to be… and I’m okay with that.

In fact, I’m *grateful* for it because there is ALWAYS something I can be doing to get me where I want to go.

>>Instead of focusing on where I’m NOT, I focus on what action I can take today.<<

Even if it’s small or seems silly, do you have the humility to do ONE thing today that will grow your business tomorrow?

Maybe your BIG thing is to write a blog post, go live, or post an Instagram story.

Give yourself the permission to take THAT action today, and make yourself proud tomorrow.

>>Because someone reminded me that the 2010 version of Jasmine would LOVE to be where the 2020 Jasmine is.<<

This reminds me that I might not be as far as I want to be but I am so happy for how far I’ve come.

Because everything in our life has led us to this moment and this moment will lead us to amazing ones to come.

So what is your goal, baby boo? Is it to open an Etsy store, become a writer, go into politics, or become a graphic designer?

Say it out loud because if we cannot publicly declare our goal, we will never have the courage to do it behind closed doors.

Whatever you want to do, I want to help.

My purpose is to empower people to believe the possibilities are impossibilities for them with a PLAN.

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