Whoa: I signed with an agent

Have you ever been in the right room, at the right time? Nah, me either… until—for the first time in my life—I was.

Last January, I sat in a Mastermind room and was handed a mic to introduce myself and talk about my business, hopes, and ambitions. My voice was shaking, and my sweaty palms clutched the mic like it was a floating piece of the Titanic in the ocean. Jack and Rose style.

I shared my story and then I nervously sat down. It was AT THAT MOMENT that I realized I had NO CLUE what I said. Hand-to-heaven I couldn’t think of one word I had just uttered.

A gentleman by the name of Jay Shetty raised his hand to give feedback. As luck would have it, Jay and I sat next to each other at dinner the night before.

As Jay continued with his feedback in the Mastermind room, he ended by saying he was building House of 1212, an agency representing speakers inciting positive change, and asked if he could introduce me to the CEO and Head of Talent.


Well, it happened. Jay made introductions, we had conversations, and I signed a contract.

Your girl is officially represented as a speaker. This was my face immediately after signing.

So what does this mean? To be honest, I have a lot to learn. Right now I’m fully focused on updating my website and creating new keynotes, all while still being CEO at Social Curator, hosting my podcast, and creating helpful content for entrepreneurs.

I’ll be sharing what I learn in the coming months, but I mostly just hope we can meet in person one day while I’m on the road.

Thank you for being on this journey with me,