Why Curated Instagram Feeds Are “So 2016”

Can I ask you a question?

  • Do you want to look at pretty perfect feeds, or
  • Do you want to see people just show up as themselves?

There isn’t a right answer…but it’s important to follow YOUR preferences to understand what YOUR followers want too.

Real Talk: there was a time when my Instagram feed looked like a magazine spread or a curated museum.

But we ain’t in 2016, so let’s have a 2021 conversation (yes, let’s talk about the Future).

Now hang on to your morning coffee… I’m not saying that aesthetics (appearance of your feed) should be *ugly*. Heck no.

But realness is the future.

>>Stop making it perfect…your pretty Instagram feed won’t make you, and it won’t break you either, Buttercup.<<

Creativity will always be rewarded on social media, but don’t get it twisted: overly curated pretty perfect feeds run the risk of becoming predictable.

And predictable is BORING.

  • How many ✌🏼 photos at Coachella are we tired of seeing?
  • How many sipping on lattes sitting in bed next to a pile of books with messy-hair-don’t-care photos are we tired of seeing?
  • How many sitting cross-legged on a patio cheers-ing with mimosas brunch photos are we tired of seeing?

Listen, brilliant soul, YOU DO YOU.

Show up as you are. Let your hair down. Celebrate imperfection. Attract people who like you for you.

It’s time to show up as you and BE SEEN.

Will you show up today, Dreamer?

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