Why I’m Rebranding

I've debated how to start this blog post. I mean, I've tried to write it four times already and it turns into a manifesto or a misplaced diary entry from junior high (Are you there God? It's me, Margaret Jasmine.). Instead, I'll simply write what comes from my fingertips onto the computer screen and call it a day.

For five years I've taught branding and marketing to photographers (expanding to creative entrepreneurs a couple years ago) and I encouraged business owners to clearly position themselves in a particular niche. But what happens to the creative who does more than onething? How does he express his professional desires in more than one field? Well, I believe he should have clearly defined outlines for each business.

As people noticed with the launch of The Path to Profitability, I began a new division to the Jasmine Star brand (eww, I just referred to myself in third person…last time, promise!). The brand used to be my presence as a wedding photographer, but I now need to create a division for my branding and marketing education. As a result, my business needs two clear perspectives on how I service clients (wedding clients and entrepreneurs).

I'm nervous and excited to say that I'll be relaunching the new JasmineStar.com as it'll be a website dedicated to me and my aspirations, not my businesses. Starting tomorrow at 3pm PST:
The photography brand can be found at JasmineStarPhotography.com.
The business brand can be found at ThePathToProfitability.com
The “about me” brand can be found at JasmineStar.com

Whew, so, yea. That's it. Over a year of thoughtful consideration has gone into this decision and I couldn't be more excited for what's in store. I am still a wedding photographer (in fact, we're fully booked for 2016…and booking early 2017 weddings), but I am also a passionate entrepreneur wanting to help business owners take their aspirations to the next level.

I hope you'll join me tomorrow as I carve a new place for me on the internet. We'll be launching LIVE with my amazing graphic designer Promise Tangeman and the awesome website platform that made the website come to life: SHOWIT.

Tune into Showiteer.com at 3pm PST/6pm EST for an opportunity to get an exclusive access code to the new platform…it's SO awesome. The best news is there'll be giveaways (umm, like a NEW WEBSITE!) so tune in for the goods! (If you want reminder sent to you, register on FB so you'll get a note when it starts!)