Why Posting On Social Media Is So Hard

Ugh… Why is posting on social media SO HARD?!

Do you find yourself thinking this every time you sit down to write a post?

*Listen, friend, I feel you.*

Posting on social media used to be difficult for me, too. But over time, I noticed patterns in what content was successful and turned it into a fail-proof system that alleviates the panic of posting.

*Oh, and get this: it even generates engagement. Talk about a winning strategy!*

Are you ready to hear the 3-part formula for making writing captions EASY? Here it is: Hook, Insights, Call to Action. 

Time to break it down!

Start your caption with a Hook 

We all want to have real, authentic conversations on social media, so what’s stopping us? The answer is that our posts actually have to get seen and read. 

>>People are more likely to engage if they actually read your post.<< 

*Go figure.*

You may be worried about why people aren’t engaging with your posts, but the problem may be that they aren’t reaching the point of the post where you ask them to engage. 

The solution is to start each post with a hook, like: 

  • “Calling all wedding photographers!”
  • “Can I share a secret with you?”
  • “I can’t believe I’m about to say this…”

Offer Value Through Insights

Every great caption serves your followers with what they need to hear, such as a helpful tutorial, the “why” behind what you do, or motivation to tackle the day. 

>>Whether you’re being helpful or informative, inspiring or motivating, or explaining who you are or what you do, these are all ways to serve your ideal client in any piece of content you create!<<

Conclude With A Call To Action 

Often, we put so much time and energy into creating an intriguing caption that we may forget about the most important aspect of social media: engagement. 

>>Without engagement, does it really even matter if someone reads your caption or not?<< 

*Mic drop!* 

You never want to post a valuable caption on social media without giving them a chance to connect with you further, either by investing in your services or simply liking or commenting on your post.

See It In Action

Now I want to show you what the HIC formula looks like with a Social Curator caption template that you can take and customize today to post on your social platform of choice.

Take a look: 

Would anyone mind if [I/we] spilled just a little tea? [I’m/We’re] so proud of what [I’m/we’re] doing with __________ [summer styles/custom websites/etc.], [I/we] can’t keep it quiet! Head to __________ [the link in my bio/today’s Stories/etc.] to learn all about how [I/we] __________ [create with sustainably-sourced materials/work with clients to bring their vision to life/etc.], then drop whatever questions you have in the comments below. [I’m/We’re] here to help!

  • In this caption, our HOOK is: Would anyone mind if I spilled just a little tea?
  • The INSIGHTS are explaining what you’re proud of creating.
  • And the CALL TO ACTION is to learn more or ask questions.

There you have it, friend! Gone are the days of wondering what to post and banging your head against the wall coming up with something to say.

Social Media Marketing Guide: Learn how to connect with your dream customer online

If you loved this strategy and want to dive in deeper, I’ve got just the thing. Here’s a link to my Social Media Marketing Guide to get you creating all the right content for your audience. You can download it >>HERE<< and start showing up on social media in a BIG way today.