Why Your Hashtags Aren’t Working…and How to Fix Them

Alright boo, it’s time to talk about hashtags… Specifically, stepping up your hashtag game.

We know hashtags WORK, that’s not even a question! But if you’re wondering why you’re not attracting potential customers and only other industry peers, it’s time for us to chat.

My first question to you may sound simple, but it is SO important: Are you using hashtags that your dream customer is looking for?

No, really. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes… What are they searching when they open their Instagram app?

For example, let’s say you are a relationship coach and your hashtags are all about finding love.

You have to think long and hard about whether or not your ideal couple *thinks* they need help and are actively searching for a relationship coach.

Chances are that they don’t know they need what you’re selling.

So, I ask you again: What is your ideal customer searching for on Instagram?

  • What are they looking for?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What podcasts do they listen to?

You must understand that hashtags are micro search engines. Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal customer’s behaviors, you will know what they are searching for.

THIS is the key component to knowing what hashtags to use!

>>Your content should be apart of a greater social situation, using hashtags that a whole community of your ideal customers are engaging with.<<

Then, when someone comes stumbles upon your profile after searching for a podcast, they are surprised and delighted that you are offering exactly what they need!

Using hashtags that insert yourself in online hashtag conversations will revolutionize your business.

THAT, my friend, is how you find new followers that turn into perspective customers. But first, put yourself In their shoes and create content they want to see.

To learn more about how to find hashtags that are right for your business, check out Issue #4 of Social Curator. It’s jam-packed with information to understand, truly, what strategy works best for your Instagram account.

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