Will I Ever be a Fabulous Entrepreneur?

Dear Jasmine, I have recently started reaching out to my fellow entrepreneurs that live in the same area as me (Ireland). After a year and a half of running a business full time, I finally gathered a bit of courage to make friends with fellow entrepreneurs. One of the girls invited me to a private group where Irish business owners hang out and I had a look through their websites. When I saw that the standard of work is extremely high, I got so discouraged and now I feel like a little silly moo…  Will I ever be like them fabulous entrepreneurs? I’ve been a creative entrepreneur since I was 18 (I’m 23 now) and I’m still searching for my style… I work really hard every day and it just feels like there’s no end to it.


In Search of Fabulousness

Dear In Search, if you're looking for an end to your search, let me save you some time:  it never ends.  Ever.  As any seasoned professional can attest, the process of searching is on-going.  You'll first search for knowledge, then know-how, then style, then networks, then growth, then profitability, then more business, then different types of business, then building a team…the search?  It's on-going.

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But that's what makes your struggle worthwhile.  You must realize that someone will always be more fabulous, richer, wiser, better connected, talented, and/or popular.  It's what you do with this realization that'll set you apart.

Will you crumble at the though of how hard you must work to get what you want?  Or will the hustle take over and inspire you to move forward?  The choice is yours, but I hope you choose to hustle.  I hope you always have a little more fight to put forward because the world needs what you provide.

Irish Blessings,