Will You Be Silenced By Their Opinions?

When she said she was too nervous to go Live because she feared what others would say, I lost my dang mind.

Now I’m not necessarily out to ruffle feathers, but I gave this hustler some #realtalk on an Instagram Live.

I told her:

  • People are going to have an opinion of you if you go live or you don’t.
  • People are going to have an opinion of you if you build your business or you don’t.
  • People are going to have an opinion of you if you sit on your couch or don’t.

Buttercup, everyone will always have an opinion of you but you know what they are worth? Nothing.

>>Someone else’s opinion of me means nothing about me, my purpose or my family.<<

Oh sweet, glorious, brilliant soul: if they stop you from doing what you need to grow your business, you valued their opinions more than you honored your aspirations.

*These are Facts. Big Facts.*

>>In order to succeed, you cannot care more about someone’s opinion than about building your business.<<

It shouldn’t matter what someone says if you are called to stand in your purpose and build something bigger than you.

Now let me tell you something, friend: It’s okay to care about your close friends and family’s opinions of you.

But it’s NOT okay to care about their opinions AND be bummed out about your business growth.

Because you can’t have it both ways, boo boo.

You have to choose one.
So tell me brave one, will you show up for your dreams instead of being silenced by their opinions?

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