With Gratitude, Humility, and Grace…THANK YOU

Dear friend,
Thank you for being here, reading this note.  You're on the other side of words that sometimes feel they're written into space, letters floating against a black sky.  But knowing you're reading them makes me feel connected to you.

Like, oh hey, I'm not screaming into a void of social media, blogging, and videos.

You're here.

There's something that resonates with me in a deep way knowing our paths have crossed.  Perhaps we connected by way of photography or my business tips, but I just want to say THANK YOU for being reading this.

We're on a journey and though my path has taken twists, turns, and pitfalls along the way, I'm proud to be left standing…with you by my side.

It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., a time when Americans gather around the table and express what they're grateful for.

Amongst other things, please know I'm thankful for you.  Thankful that I'm not alone, thankful to have people just as weird as I am trying to carve their place in life.

Here's to us, friend.  I appreciate you.