Working Powerfully With a Business Partner

JD and I are often asked what it’s like to work together. We then turn and smile at each other, each knowing that an honest response would take more time than the person asking would have anticipated.

The truth of the matter is that having a business partner is…

  • The best
  • The hardest
  • The most complicated
  • The most strategic
  • The most of ALL THE THINGS!
Working With A Business Partner

And we were told that working whilst married wasn’t recommended.

*But we did it anyway.*

>>I wouldn’t have it any other way, because we compliment each other in opposite ways. We also challenge each other in opposite ways, too.<<

This video focuses on some of the biggest lessons we learned and how you can avoid the same mistakes:

Whether you’re working with your spouse, diving into business with a friend, or expanding to include a new partner, there will be tough moments along the way. But despite those challenges, you will be able to serve in bigger and better ways because two truly is better than one.

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