You Don’t Need 10,000 Followers, You Need 10 Customers

Buttercup, can I ask you a question?

Are you a bit obsessed with the numbers you see on social media?

  • The number of followers you have?
  • The number of likes and comments you receive?
  • The number of people that view your posts and stories?

If so, it’s time for a reality check.

*And there’s no sugar coating here!*

>>If you’re running a business, social media isn’t about popularity.<<

Your account should be about one thing: CONNECTION.

If you aren’t taking the time to connect with your audience, then it doesn’t matter if you have ten followers or ten thousand followers.

I’m going to make a big, bold, ostracizing statement, boo boo: 

>>If you’re not getting customers on social media, there’s a good chance your followers don’t know you.<<

Sure, they follow you, but do they TRUST you?

This flash fire Q&A session during my talk at The Copywriter Club IRL event breaks down what I’m doing on Instagram to connect with people instead of being focused on popularity.

How do I show my real self?

Authenticity is a powerful tool, ESPECIALLY in the virtual world of social media.

*But that doesn’t mean we need to tell our followers every single, itty, bitty detail about our lives!*

There’s a difference between being authentic and oversharing. My general rule of thumb is this: Only post on social media what you would tell a stranger that’s sitting next to you on the airplane. 

What do I do with my audience during a pivot?

Picture this: You’re invited to a cocktail party with the promise that a DJ will be there. You’re having the time of your life *dancing to 80’s rock songs and strumming your air guitar*, when all of a sudden the DJ is replaced by a string quartet. 

*Total vibe killer, maaaaan!*

Chances are, you’d bolt out of that party pretty fast.

Now apply this to a business pivot. If you suddenly changed your business overnight, you’d most likely lose some followers and customers. 

It’s important to make gradual changes so your audience can see the value in your pivot. And don’t lose sleep over anyone that leaves your cocktail party. *Bless and release, boo!*

What does the future of social media hold?

The truth is, NOBODY knows what the future of social media looks like because it is constantly evolving.

*I bet none of us would’ve guessed that we’d have the ability to edit videos on apps like TikTok back in the stone ages of flip phones!*

That's why it’s so important to diversify. Familiarize yourself with #allthethings and #alltheplatforms so you’ll be ready for the next big thing!

Friend, I urge you to look beyond the numbers and instead, focus on connections. 

>>Your objective is not to be liked by everyone on the Internet. Your objective is to connect with people who can benefit from what it is that you do.<<

Numbers don’t dictate your success, YOU DO!

If you’re looking for some more help on how to show up on social media for your business *without the sugar coating*, I’d love to see you on the inside of Social Curator! Check out more details about this unique marketing tool and join the waitlist >>HERE!<<