You Won’t Be For Everybody

Boo boo, I’ve got some real talk coming your way. Are you ready for it?

>>They won’t like you…and it’s going to be fine.<<

They will tell you you’re fat, ugly, skinny, old, dumb, ridiculous, stupid, and MORE.

By “they”, I mean the haters, the wanna-bes, and the skeptics. The people that wish they had your abilities deep down but are just too afraid to admit it.

That’s just how life works…some people like you, some people don’t.

I was teaching an online class and someone left a comment that they couldn’t stand my voice.

  • It was live. 
  • I accidentally read the comment out loud. 
  • I wanted to crumble.

Instead, I talked louder, faster, and continued to share everything I knew.

Listen up, Buttercup. My voice could be as smooth as butter or as scratchy as a cat. Either way, someone WILL have an opinion about it.

I won’t let other people’s opinions about me (or my voice) stop me from saying what it is I need to say.

>>I might not be someone’s cup of tea, but I have the potential to be someone else’s double shot of espresso that they need.<< 

*So you best believe that I’ll continue bringing my voice, attitude, and personality with me wherever I go, and pack a caffeinated punch!*

My thoughts and words have the potential to make someone’s day/business/life better, and I believe you have the capacity to do the same. 

I won’t be silenced, and neither should you.

  • Don’t let “them” stop you from being you.
  • Don’t let “them” hold you back from sharing your passion.
  • Don’t let “them” prevent you from telling the message that you have been placed on this earth to say.

>>You won’t be “it” for everyone, friend, but you are absolutely “it” for someone.<<

Cheers to us, the awkward-courageous-noise-maker-rule-breaker-misfits who are making our place in the world. You with me?