Your First Instagram Guide

Wish there was a better way for your Instagram content to get discovered by your dream customer?

*Ohhhh snap, wait ‘til you hear this!*

There’s a NEW feature on Instagram… and Hustlers like you are using it to serve their audience and grow their business.

It’s called Instagram Guides, and anyone (yes, friend, even you!) can use Instagram Guides as a way to grow their business. The biggest hurdle to overcome is taking the first step, and I’m here to help!

>>Guides are the PERFECT way to consolidate content around specific topics to act as a resource for your followers (and turn them into customers).<<

Guides are:

  • Searchable
  • Shareable
  • Easy to use

*And that’s exactly why I love ‘em!*

Currently, there are three types of Instagram Guides to use depending on the type of content that is shared: place, product, and post.

3 Types of Instagram Guides

  1. Place Guides

Recommend places in your city and beyond

  1. Product Guides

Recommend your favorite products

  1. Post Guides

Recommend posts you created or saved

If you’re like many of the Hustlers I’ve been connecting with on Facebook and Instagram, you’re probably wondering: “Jasmine, which one should you create FIRST?”

To answer that question, I have to start with a philosophy of mine: I’ve always been a huge proponent of working smarter, not harder.

That’s why I recommend making your first Guide a Post Guide, grouping similar posts you have already created together!

>>This will make it easier for your audience to see similar content grouped in one place, and you won’t have to come up with new, original content for your first Guide.<<

I don’t want to give you MORE work, I want you to take what you already have and capitalize on it!

Ready to take action and get more eyes on your business?

Grab my free guide, How to Grow Your Business with Instagram Guides, to get your content in front of your dream customer’s eyes. In it, you’ll learn the benefits of each type of Instagram Guide, learn how to make your first Guide with the help of a video tutorial, and use my comprehensive checklist to make this process even easier. Download it >>HERE!<<