Control Your Narrative

There’s one lesson I have learned in business that has stuck with me above all else: Always be in control of your narrative. 

Regardless of what opportunities come your way, the growth you experience, or the iterations of your business over time, your story is yours. 

  • Your narrative may require you to turn down chances to be featured that don’t align with your views… 
  • Or clients who are disrespectful of your time and effort… 
  • Or partnerships that would take away your voice.

I learned how important this is from my dad.  

Control Your Narrative

Growing up, I watched my dad, an immigrant from Mexico, mow lawns, trim trees, flip burgers, clean septic tanks, and do just about any other service job you could think of.

When people spoke down to him in front of his kids, he would remind us that we are in control of our story. No one could make us feel anything other than the emotions we chose.

>>He took pride in doing his job – any job – better than anyone else could because he knew that story and not someone else’s opinion was the truth.<<

  • Sometimes people will have opinions about how I balance life as a business owner and mom.
  • Sometimes people will make up facts that aren’t true about me.
  • Sometimes people leave vile comments on my social media posts.

Let me remind you of what my dad said: YOU are in control of our story.  

>>Your narrative is one that deserves to be shared, and there is no one more uniquely qualified to advocate for it than you.<<

Own it. 

Be unashamed to write your story, own your emotions, and take pride in what you do… Then change the world in the process.

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