Your Valentine’s Gift: 5 FREE Lifestyle Photos

I was 17 years old when I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend.

*My parents didn’t know I was dating at the time, so let’s keep this between us, m’kay?*

Did I know the boy I was smitten with would one day be my husband? No. Not at all.

JD and I played miniature golf, we exchanged Valentine’s Day cards in his mom’s minivan, and we listened to love songs on the radio that we believed were written for us.

*SO cheesy, I knowwwww.*

We’ve never stopped giving each other Valentine’s Day cards, and we belt out love songs on the radio together still to this day.

What can I say? We LOVE love.

>>Because LOVE is my thing, I’d love to send you Valentine’s-inspired lifestyle stock photos for you to use to post on social media.<<

Regardless if you’re single, married, or singarried (#it’scomplicated), these photos will empower you to market your business.

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