A Million Times Over


It happened sometime while I was in Las Vegas during WPPI. And, more than anything, I’m humbled by the interest in my life, work, and passion.

Last week, my blog passed the 1,000,000th visitor…WOO.to.the.HOO!

I seriously couldn’t believe it. Life has changed in so many ways for me and I’m incredibly proud that I can look back at my life less than a year ago (this blog debuted in May 2007) and see how far I’ve come. As a girl, and as a professional photographer.

I want to thank you—all my faithful readers and friends—who visit daily, weekly, or monthly. It means a great deal to me that you share your valuable with me. It is an honor and something I truly cherish.

Thank you.

In honor of this milestone, we’re getting dressed and having a night on the town…Polo’s even wearing his favorite tie! 😉