How to Stay Motivated

Last week on Instagram, I did an Ask Me Anything and responded to the following question:

Little did I realize that this random Instagram story would yield more questions, so here is the real REAL response, based on subsequent follow up questions…

“How do I know what to do?” – You don’t. You don’t know what to do until you simply pick something and do it. Many people get stuck, worried they will choose the wrong thing.

But, yo, being in business is about choosing the wrong thing until you choose the right thing: There are WAY more wrongs than rights.

“I have a hard time working when I feel like I’m sucking…” – Welcome to Le Club. That’s basically a fancy way of saying DA CLUB. And this ain’t a boots with the furrrr club reference…this is an entrepreneurial club that we join and the perks are self-doubt, rejection, and voluntary resilience.

If you cannot find a way to work whilst feeling like you’re sucking, this club isn’t for you.

Working when you feel like you’re sucking is paying your dues. Cha-ching.

“What if I’m not self motivated?” – No problem, you’d likely make a great employee for an inspirational founder.

Running a business requires self motivation because no one is asking you to start a business and take their money. YOU brought it on yourself, so YOU must make it successful.

And that’s hard. Ahem, HARD. If you’re not motivated to create, build, fall, fix, and get up again, you won’t last.

You will NOT be given anything. You will NOT get lucky. You will NOT twinkle-toe your way into greatness.

If you’re not self-motivated, your business will likely not make it off the ground.

But here’s the good thing: Self motivation is built, not given.

No one is born motivated, but the most self-motivated people have such a clear vision for their business (and lives) that NOT spending every moment on making that vision come to life is a painful sacrifice.

The most motivated are those who want to prove to people (mostly themselves) that they have what it takes to create larger-than-life opportunities and unrivaled success simply because they chose to do the work that few others would…or can.

If you made it to this point, YOU ARE THAT PERSON.

Action over feelings,


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