A Warm and Sticky Feeling


She dangled the bright pink bag from her neatly manicured fingers and smiled. We bought a gift for you, she said with a Chesire grin sneaking just past her lips. I knew she regularly followed my blog, but when I opened the bag, my insides kinda went to putty…her thoughtfulness was sooo appreciated.

I don’t know if it was my affinity for all things Post-It or just the sheer love affair I have with unwrappings things, but when I found the Galison Chocolate Dots and Stripes Sticky Notes, I wanted to melt with gratitude. I love gifts, but thoughtful gifts just kind of offer a heartfelt one-two punch to the soul…I was incredbly touched by her unnecessary benevolence.

Megan and Brent…thank you for the sticky notes…I love them! 🙂

Oooooh, I’m in sticky note heaven…look at all the different sizes and pretty designs!! 🙂