All My Issues…And Texas.


It was 4a.m. when my alarm blared, and I jerked awake trying to remember where I was. Oh yeah, my bedroom. And it’s dark out. JD moved around the room in a comfortable silence and at 4:45a.m. we headed to the airport to catch our flight to Texas. JD mentioned something about me arriving too early to the airport and I simply replied I’m a responsible traveler. More like crazy traveler, JD corrected me. And then I was all, Huh? Which led to a litany of other questions and left me asking, Oooooh, really? Well, then, tell me what my issues are…

And here’s where any husband reading this post will yell at his computer screen: It’s a trap! No! RUN THE OTHER WAY!

There we were, driving along the 405 freeway and JD said…
*You can’t eat left-overs.
*You can only write with a fine-point pen.
*You leave drawers and cupboards open.
*You’re obsessive compulsive.
*You looked me in the face and said you were allergic to doing laundry. Allergic?!

Hey there Mr. Self-Realization-Before-Sunrise! Would you like a side of Truth with your plate of Honesty? Yummmmm.

As we boarded our flight an hour later, I reminded JD of that one time I ate left-over pizza that one night. And, I’m pretty sure I did get hives that one time when I touched Tide With Bleach. Last night–after meeting with hundreds of photographers in College Station, Texas–I crawled into bed. I was exhausted, but I heard JD shutting the drawers I left open in the bathroom.

Okay, so maybe I have issues, but I’m incredibly happy to travel with man who deals with them all. And takes pictures of our adventures.

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to Brazos Valley PPA group at the Hilton Conference Center and I couldn’t have been more welcome. The board embraced us with open arms and it was an honor sharing the night with such a fabulous group of people.
Is it just me or do I point alot when I talk?

Okay. During the presentation the ever fab crew at Showit donated three FREE websites to give away to a few lucky winners. On whim I decided to give a website to the person wearing the cutest cowboy boots. The crowd voted and an amazing pair of tan and turquoise boots won the website. Now, if that ain’t Texas, I don’t know what is! 😉

I absolutely love what I do. I’m blessed to share this industry with the people I have the chance to meet on the road. I feel a distinct change in the culture of the photo world and I’m honored to hang on for the ride with truly awesome people I can now call friends.

Happy Tuesday!