Amanda and Joel : Wedding


He saw her walking the aisles in search of something. Amanda’s strawberry blond hair immediately caught his eye and he wondered if there was anything he could help her with. Joel, who worked at the campus bookstore, wanted to approach Amanda in the coolest way possible, but this was difficult when surrounded by Biblical Theology and Biology textbooks. She was in search of the perfect iPod and Joel was sure he could find it. Little did Amanda realize that Joel was also finding a way to her heart.

It’s been said that Joel and Amanda’s love story goes from iPod to I Do.

Nothing could stop this AMAZING couple from enjoying their wedding day at the Centennial Heritage Museum. The grey clouds ominously hung over their wedding, but that did not stop their love from pouring out. Nor did it stop the rain. Joel and Amanda, however, were joyful, loving, and content the entire day, serving as the truest testament of optimism. Whatever came their way—pouring rain during the ceremony, last minute reception tenting, rearrangement of chairs and tables—they were all smiles and truly in love. They stood and greeted their guests in the rain, passed out the umbrellas, and laughed the day away. This is indicative of something deeper in Amanda and Joel’s relationship: They can weather storms together and remain truly ecstatic on the greyest of days.

Something tells me they’re going to be able to stand the test of time.

Amanda and Joel, thank you for reminding me what true love looks like. It looks like water, mud, wet skin, and umbrellas. It looks like kisses in the rain and dancing in wet clothes. It looks like the both of you. Thank you for allowing JD and I to be a part of your special day and we can’t wait to hear of all the amazing things the future holds for you! And, lastly, thank you for rocking my socks off. Seriously. Much Love and Appreciation…j*

I absolutely adored the simplicity and the details of Amanda’s Nicole Miller Wedding Dress

A little funk and spice to the wedding shoes…

The First Look (as captured by JD)

While you may not be able to see it, the rain was coming down. It wasn’t pouring (at least not now), but it was definitely coming down! In between shots, Chantel (one of the BESTEST bridesmaids…ever!), held an umbrella over the couple to avoid getting drenched…

Randomly, the sun appeared for two minutes, so Joel and Amanda celebrated!

Then it started raining again, but made for some awesome light…

Amanda set the bar quite high for my future brides…here she is laughing and workin’ it in the rain…

JD caught this picture and I love it!

JD caught this picture too…

Oh, yes, it was pouring!

A Big Wet Kiss….literally.

The First Dance

Reaction during toasts…

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