Amanda Zettel : Anytime


She must have noticed us from a distance. Two aimless shoppers hoping–hoping!–the right furniture would jump off the showroom floor and into our arms. She was sitting on a brown leather sofa in Z Gallerie when I plopped on the opposite side. Tiredly, I looked to JD and gave him a look that was all, THREE HOURS and we’re just gonna settle on this?! I got up and walked around it for the umptheenth time and shrugged. That was when Amanda Zettel suggested looking for another sofa…one that perhaps was a little more comfortable and functional. Out of nowhere, this complete stranger offered me her advice…and I took it. I guess it was something I had known, just didn’t want to admit.

We spoke for less than four minutes before she had to dash from the store, but not before giving me her business card. I went home and discovered that this stranger knew exactly what she was talking about because she’s a professional designer. Duh. I then discovered her custom design site for do it yourself spaces and I was sold. After perusing her site and completing the furniture choices and vibes, the site made it super simple for me to find the right things for my home…all from my computer. Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about…home shopping in my PJ’s!

Shortly thereafter, I contacted her to let her know how much I loved her site and to thank her for stopping me from buying a truly heinous couch. We corresponded and have since become friends, so when she contacted me for updated photos for her website, I was honored. Here’s the ever fabulous, Amanda with Home Made Designs

Amanda took me to a few places where she finds unique furniture to incorporate into newer home designs and I was in LOVE…

I’ll end with these two photos because they are the truest reflection of Amanda…they were also the last two frames from our shoot and I couldn’t think of a better way to end our time together: Laughing.