Beautifully Cold


Well, I arrived early this morning and I’m tucked away in my warm hotel room editing. I walked around Union Square before I grabbed lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I know I’m totally spoiled living in warm and toasty Orange County, but every so often it’s nice to experience fall weather. It gives me an excuse to order warm drinks and wear oversized jackets! 🙂

I realized (for the umteenth time) that I need people to survive. No, really, I can’t stand being alone for prolonged periods of time. I’ve spent all day walking, shopping, and eating alone and I’m so over it. I guess I like the touch, the smell, the sight of people I know and love. I’m pretty much a touchy-feely kind of girl! 🙂 I’d probably feel more lonely by myself up here, but I’m totally stoked because JD is flying up late tonight and joining me for the weekend. It’ll be more of a relaxation trip for him, but it’s lovely to have someone to enjoy long dinners and late-night movies…even if I do have to work a little! 🙂 Speaking of JD, he booked an AWESOME room for us at the Westin St. Francis right in Union Square…he’s a Starwood Preferred Member, so he was totally blessed with a special offer running this exact weekend for this particular hotel…10,837 bonus cool points for him! 😉

Happy Friday!

**I’ve been trying to post photos from today, but the Internet here at the hotel isn’t the best…sorry!**