Bloggin’ from Santa Barbara


Whew…I’m totally happy right now. A little tired, but mostly joyful.

Last Friday, I flew into LAX and was greeted by the a perfect face and warm arms. JD was waiting for me at the baggage claim and, after not seeing him for four days, his black eyes pierced my heart like the first time we met when we were 17 years old. We spent most of the warm afternoon driving slowly along the 405 freeway and then up the 101 until our sights fell upon one of our most favorite sights…the Santa Barbara coastline. Of the many places worldwide we’ve visited, Santa Barbara is the only place we’d ever consider residing besides Orange County. We absolutely love this city.

Yesterday JD and I shot an amazing wedding that I can’t wait to blog about, but we’re spending the rest of today doing what we do best: Dining (I see Arigato in our near future!!), lounging, roaming…and, of course, shopping! JD doesn’t quite know it yet, but we’re off to browse our favorite stores 🙂

Because I had a bum internet connection at our hotel, JD and I are sitting at one of our favorite coffee shops–Java Jones–with tea and the world wide web. With the Pacific breeze making its way in through the large open windows, life doesn’t get too much nicer.