Blu Domain’s Photographer of the Year


Love Is…
*Climbing Chainlink Fences
*Laying on a Filthy Railroad Track
*Laughing Hysterically Under the Cruel Rays of an Orange County Sun
*Eating Organic Strawberries While Looking at Picture Proofs

Yesterday afternoon JD organized a photoshoot. For me. Yes, me.

He’s always joked about wanting to organize a photo session just for fun, but we’ve never made it a priority…until yesterday. You see, I needed a very specific picture because I received news a few days ago that I was chosen as Blu Domain’s Photographer of the Year!!! This news was such a SHOCK to me and I seriously couldn’t believe it.

I am so incredibly humbled…and slightly embarrassed. Anyone can tell you that the inception of my business has been a rollercoaster of emotion and its life is nothing short of a series of miracles. I’m indebted to my amazing clients for their trust in my ability to succeed…and indebted to some of the best mentors in the industry…and indebted to my superstar family for supporting my dreams and aspirations…and, lastly, to my best friend, confidant, and husband, JD Extraordinaire.

To read more about all the new and amazing things happening at Blu Domain, be sure to check out the Blu Blog for the latest…and don’t be afraid to send Kailee a little love! 😉