Brittany and Blake : Wedding


There wasn’t a soul who didn’t know. Crowded streets parted much like the Red Sea when the beautiful couple floated past them, cars honked in a triple series of beep-beep-beeeeep!, and store owners came out to applaud such a momentous day. There wasn’t a soul who didn’t know Brittany and Blake were two of the happiest people in the world–no, the universe–marrying each other. Their smiles were contagious and if emotion was visible, bright rays of pink, yellow, and orange would emanate from their pores…they were happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

Blake and Brittany were college sweethearts who stayed by each other’s sides when life got jagged and unpredictable. Blake held her hand when she couldn’t go further and together they traversed the streets of Azusa and the proverbial paths of life together. Happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

The sun broke through the scattered clouds on Saturday afternoon and illuminated the already bright and happy day. Two amazing souls were uniting and the world–no, the universe–wanted to congratulate them. Brittany and Blake walked Downtown streets together before the ceremony and soaked up the attention wedded bliss affords. They waved to strangers, hollered back at the honking cars, and thanked strangers for their well wishes. They were happy. Ecstatic. Elated. And everyone knew.

Britt and Blake…would it be weird if I told you I felt your love? Like the same way I felt the beads on Brittany’s wedding dress, I truly felt the love you share. Thank you for allowing JD and me to document the day when God stopped to give you the blessing of foreverness. I felt so incredibly happy to commemorate your lives together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for some of the most amazing and fabulous people I know! Have a blast in the Mexican Riviera and enjoy your first Thanksgiving as husband and wife! Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Brittany and her mother share an uncanny resemblance, no?

Hellllllo Hot Stuff!

JD captured this shot of Blake just moments before seeing Brittany. They opted to meet before the ceremony and enjoy a few moments together…

The first time they saw each other was so beautiful…I got all teary-eyed! 🙂

Brittany and Blake spent the time in advance to scope out a downtown area close to their church and I loved the locations they chose!! I have the most amazing clients…really, I do.

I was photographing the couple outside underneath scaffolding (com’on…nothing says romance like a construction site!) when the architect came outside. I thought he was going to ask us to leave, but, instead, offered his building to shoot in for a few minutes before the other guys came back from break….HELLLLLLLO!

I adored their bridal party…

While I was shooting the guys, JD captured this shot of the girls just hanging out…

Many thanks to JD for stopping traffic for me…it was a crowded Saturday afternoon, but I begged JD to stop cars so I could snag this shot…

Blake and Brittany’s reaction to hoots and hollers from their bridal party…

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