Crystal : Anytime


JD and I spent the last couple of days in Santa Barbara enjoying the company of each other. JD will be traveling a lot in the near future, so he thought a weekend away will be the perfect way to escape the electricity of everyday life in Orange County.

Any trip to Santa Barbara wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t see a few of our friends, so we stayed at David Jay’s house and soaked up the gorgeous view and beauty of California. I make no qualms expressing how much David means to me, but I do have to admit that he wouldn’t be half the man he is without his amazing assistant extraordinaire, Crystal.

Crystal has morphed into David’s right-hand and made his life so much more enjoyable because he’s freed to focus on what he’s called to do, not what he needs to do. Not only is she selfless, professional, efficient, caring, and loving, she’s so much fun! She’s beautiful inside and out, so when she asked if I’d be able to take a few pictures of her, I happily obliged!

Because DJ was away while I photographed Crystal, I snagged his 50mm, 1.0 and shot everything between a 1.0-1.2…dang, I really love that lens and I’m trying to figure out a way to steal it from DJ without him noticing. I’m taking a ideas, so holla back if you got a good one! 😉

Because one picture can’t possibly sum up Crystal’s awesomeness, I had to create a little collage of who she really is! 😉

DJ and Crystal, thank you SOOOO much for always being so wonderful. JD and I love you and while we try to express our appreciation, we often fall short. We’re shackled to your kindness and hospitality and want to thank you for always being examples of how we should live our lives!

EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a picture from DJ’s blog I grabbed of all of us at breakfast…Deyl found out Sharkee’s offers a HUGE breakfast and unlimited mimosas for only $3.50, so we ate like royalty! 🙂