Erin is Married


After finishing a delicious lunch in Downtown Denver, the girls shopped and ambled from store to store. Once inside American Apparel, I snuck out and called JD. Dude, I’m dealing with some serious anxiety right now…I feel like I should be photographing the bride or something!!! He told me to take a deep breath and just enjoy being a wedding guest for once. One breath didn’t do it, so I stood with my chest protruded—hand on my waist—and inhaled deeply a few more times. I looked like a rooster doing a wild mating ritual, but it made me feel better.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with my dearest friends from college and felt so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing group of girls. We’re all quite different—a dentist, a teacher, business women, entrepreneurs, an actress, a curator—but we realized early on the center of who we are is entirely the same. In college, we lived in a campus suite together and became a pseudo sorority. We ate, studied, slept, and lived in unison, each carving our own memories and staking claim to each other’s hearts. These girls were also pillars of support during my mother’s battle with cancer and I can never repay their love and kindness during such a hard time in my life.

We traveled from many different parts of the United States to see our dear friend, Erin, marry the man of her dreams. We beamed as she walked down the aisle (seriously, we glowed) and cheered loudly as Erin and Heath shared their first kiss. During the reception toasts, Erin’s dad thanked the Whittier College Girls for coming out, and we responded with a cacophony of shrieks, yells, and hollering. It was then when I realized that nothing—nothing but the geographic distance that separates us—has changed and I felt so blessed with our friendship.

I took my camera, but I didn’t shoot too much…here are a few from their wedding at St. Andrew’s church, and reception at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, which had the most insane view of the city…watching the sunset was beautiful from the 37th floor!

Augh…Erin made such a stunning bride!!

I’m the first from the left. Why everyone else looks looks fabulous and I look like I’ve been playing with an electric socket all day is beyond me. It was windy, I promise.

The First Dance