FAQ : Natural Reflectors, Indoors + Outdoors


Yesterday I posted Rachel and Rush’s New Mexico wedding, so today I thought I’d share a little more about Natural Reflectors. I mean, sure, I’ve talked about them before, but every time I host a shoot or engage in an explanation, I realize I might not have done my best to articulate my thoughts fully. In light of this (pun totally inserted here), I thought I’d share a few behind-the-scenes photos JD captured of a couple reflective light sources I employed at the wedding.

Up first is this picture of Rachel getting dressed. Clearly, she’s illuminated by light coming from a lower source, but I really like how it hit her from head to toe, in addition to her beautiful mom, Ellen… 50mm F/2.5 1/160 160 ISO

Okay, so a little while later, we noticed that Rachel had something like 1,037 buttons down the back of her dress, and, oh, Jasmine could you help us out? This stuff makes me nervous because I don’t know how to tie my shoes properly (no, really, I STILL do the two bunny-ear method), but luckily JD walked in and caught a sneak peek of me in action.

If you notice, this unretouched photo showcases the bright light streaming through the window and hitting the floor. Just a few moments before, I strategically placed Rachel just out of that direct light, but into it’s reflected light bouncing up from the floor. That reflected light is what you saw in the first picture.

This is Rachel’s bouquet. In this photo, there appears to be a warm-colored light source(s) illuminating the flowers… 100mm Macro IS F/2.8 1/160 160 ISO

In this unretouched photo JD captured (that’s the videographer to the right of me), it showcases the natural reflectors I used from the terracotta floor (see that big patch of bright light?!) and wall (just to my left arm).

Hope this sheds a little more light (look, I’m punny!) into how I work and how I find natural reflectors on a wedding day.

Happy Wednesday!