Featured : Professional Photographer Magazine UK


I’m always upfront and straight-forward in letting people know I don’t have it together. In fact, I’m making it up (and making it work) as I go along, so when I received an email from my good friend Crash Taylor inviting me to join a project for Professional Photographer Magazine United Kingdom, I was nervous. The royal wedding of William and Kate is coming up, Crash wrote, and the editor requested three international wedding photographers to address issues he presented in a royal brief and how we’d handle a myriad of situations on a wedding day.

And then I was all, Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa there. I didn’t know what a royal brief was, so how the heck was I suppose to address it?! I read the brief and then responded the best way I knew how (although I assumed, Crash, Yervant, and I were all photographing the wedding together…silly me). I even emailed Crash and told him I thought I did it wrong.

Fast-forward to today: I received word from PPMUK that the article was published! I was excited! I couldn’t wait to read it! I opened the pages! Then I realized I was wrong! I wasn’t hypothetically shooting the royal wedding with Crash and Yervant…I was supposed to be positioning myself against them to get the job. Awesome sauce. Little did I realize, I was essentially pitching myself to William and Kate. Had I known this was the case, I would have written I’d ride into Buckingham Palace on a unicorn and hand-out cupcakes and noise makers. Duh.

Either way, I was incredibly honored and if Willie and Katie are still looking for a wedding photographer, I’ll get the unicorn warmed up.

**Update to Add**
I wrote this in the comment section, but I’m adding it here just to ensure we’re all on the same page! 🙂
Thank you SOOO much, friends! One thing I want to clarify is that this article was a complete hypothetical…I realize the Royal Photographer was chosen months ago…Crash, Yervant, and I were simply asked for our input and approach. However, if you’d like to get together with cupcakes and noisemakers, I’m ready to party.