Featured : Town + Country Magazine

Featured : Town + Country Magazine


I’m biased. I know this. I think my pillow is the best pillow…I think JD chooses the best nectarines…I think I’m the best Riverdancer (I’m a wannabe Irish girl). I also happen to think I have the best brides. They’re smart, stylish, and classy…and have impeccable taste. No more was this apparent when I caught sight of my bride, Anne, in the society section of Town&Country Magazine announcing her marriage to Cory Hathaway.

Their August wedding at the Los Angeles Athletic Club was delightful and I was thrilled to see the happy couple grace glossy pages together. Oh–and lemme point out–her shoes were the only pair to make an appearance in the entire section. Like I said, TASTY. My brides have impeccable taste.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Rachel Tatem -

    You’re too cute. Your brides do have good taste, no doubt. Congrats on yet another great feature!

      1.19.12 - 2:58 pm

  2. Tara -

    How awesome!

      1.19.12 - 3:16 pm

  3. Aurea -

    You have impeccable taste- that’s really a fact! 🙂 Congratulations to Anne for being featured in the mag. 😉

      1.19.12 - 3:22 pm

  4. Jaye Cole -

    I hate to break this to you – but I am dead certain that my pillow is absolutely the best pillow.

      1.19.12 - 3:26 pm

  5. Jeni Brower -

    I heard a pretty smart business lady once say something like – "You attract what you put out there." Looks to me like she is right 🙂

      1.19.12 - 3:35 pm

  6. Life with Kaishon -

    Those are some dang good shoes : ) I remember them. His family’s club was gorgeous.

      1.19.12 - 3:53 pm

  7. LEOLAK -

    Oh that’s pretty freaking sweet!!! I remember their wedding….GORGE! Congrats to you J*!!

      1.19.12 - 4:07 pm

  8. Miz Booshay -

    Did you get a photo credit? I sure hope so. Congrats to you and your bride.

      1.19.12 - 4:16 pm

  9. Damaris @ Le Magnifique -

    Yay! Congrats!

    Side note… how funny her married name now! She’s become "Anne Hathaway" 🙂

      1.19.12 - 4:17 pm

  10. Larry Eiss -

    Very cool. Congratulations!

      1.19.12 - 4:19 pm

  11. Kim -

    So now her name is (unless he didn’t change it, of course) Anne Hathaway? That’s awesome!

      1.19.12 - 4:22 pm

  12. Jennifer Medeiros -

    Sweet! Congratulations on the publication!!

      1.19.12 - 4:23 pm

  13. Abby Grace -

    Uh, yeah, because that’s a BANGIN shoe shot!

      1.19.12 - 4:25 pm

  14. F Mileski -

    Wow, that is just so huge and so cool. Way to Go Jasmine

      1.19.12 - 4:27 pm

  15. Cheryl -

    So exciting. I love your photographs, and can’t wait to see this one in the magazine~

      1.19.12 - 4:37 pm

  16. Lelia Bartruff -

    Congrats! I don’t know if you have seen but you also have a wedding featured in The Knot (DC, Mayland & Virginia Fall/Winter edition) I noticed it just before Christmas when I was in DC. 🙂

      1.19.12 - 5:14 pm

  17. Jeff -

    Yeah has nothing to do with the excellent quality from the photograph, pfffttt… Congrats to you and your bride, and that poor lonely groom whom always seems to be forgotten.

      1.19.12 - 5:22 pm

  18. Kent Wedding Photographer -

    Congratulations! How exciting. Yeah I think you probably do get the best brides.

      1.23.12 - 10:45 am

  19. Natalie Carter Hyde -

    Jasmine, I photographed the couple next to yours in Town&Country – Katherine and Alex. They are a fabulous pair and the wedding was spectacular. My biggest thrill, however, was having a photo credit next to yours. nch

      1.23.12 - 6:38 pm

  20. feuza -

    hum what issue? I got featured in Decemeber, I need to check because if it was same issue as you, that would be so awesome!!!

      1.24.12 - 4:00 am

  21. Tanya -

    Love the Riverdance comment. As an Irish girl, I say you can count yourself one of us!! Love your work as ever

      1.24.12 - 11:04 am

  22. Hannes Uys -

    This is so cool!

      1.25.12 - 1:40 pm

  23. Wedding Photographer Essex -

    Congratulations Jasmine – really cool

      1.27.12 - 12:57 pm

  24. Toronto Wedding Photographer -

    Congratulations! I do hope you got credited for this.. you really deserve it. KUDOS!

      1.27.12 - 10:32 pm

  25. Nika | Montreal Wedding Photographer -

    Congrats on the I do spread.

      3.13.12 - 7:07 pm

  26. Wendy K Yalom -


      3.19.12 - 5:29 am

  27. Brighton Wedding Photographer -

    Congratulations!! It’s always great to be published… Only happened a few times for me – but it’s early days… I guess you’re used to it now? 😉

      4.23.12 - 11:26 pm

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