Featured : Wedding Magazine


As a kid I loved collecting mail from our post box. I hardly received anything (except the occasional pen pal letter from Susan in Australia), but there was something I delighted in when sifting through bills, junk mail, and personal letters to my parents. Years later, I still enjoy collecting my mail, so one might imagine my delight when the latest issue of Great Britain’s Wedding Magazine arrived in my post box. I was incredibly honored to see my twin sister’s wedding featured in its glossy pages!

Bianca and Matt’s Sunstone Winery wedding in Santa Ynez, and all the details they added to create a special day, filled four pages and I was honored to see their wedding photos in print. Like I stated in the past, I was lucky enough to be both in the wedding and photograph the wedding as well. It was one of the craziest–and most rewarding–weddings in my career.

It’s always a treat to see my weddings featured in print, but this experience is a little surreal because I’m actually in a photo as well…my sister maintains I owe her dessert for this opportunity. That, or the chance to raid my closet and borrow an endless supply of shoes.

Happy Monday!