Fingerprints Make Me Proud


I’m sitting in my hotel room and it’s much too early to be awake in Las Vegas. JD is breathing softly under his pillow (yes, he sleeps under his pillow) and the window shades are cracked in such a way where i can see nearby buildings reflect golden light and an occasional plane leave McCarran airport. In a few minutes, I’ll be packing our bags and heading home, and this makes me happy. I miss Polo.

From the seminars I’ve attended at WPPI and the conversations I’ve had with peers over the past few days, I’ve become a better photographer. It’s nice to see and hear what other people are doing and I’m excited to spruce up my business. One of the highlights, however, was seeing my dear friends launch their new website.

Some of my faithful blog readers will remember fabulous clients by the name of Gabriel and Carlie (you can see their photos here). A few months ago, we took them out to dinner and spoke about their new photography business. We spoke about branding and how important a website is to define who you are as an entrepreneur. I, of course, spoke about how my Showit Site changed my business in ways I could never dream. They were thrilled to work on their site, and we clicked our glasses in a toast to the future.

The Future.

Yesterday, Gabriel and Carlie sat in the Showit Suite in Las Vegas and launched their NEW WEBSITE, and I was beyond amazed. They’ve come so far, they’re so humble, and they’re people I trust will change the face of emerging photographers. When Carlie showed me their site, a little piece of me was proud. Perhaps I had nothing to do with their dream catching. But, perhaps, I did. And I was proud for this glimmer of hope that I might have made a difference in two amazing lives.

Their website is a total reflection of them. As my website is a total reflection of me. Both sites are completely custom, unique, and have our smudgy fingerprints all over the sites. If you’re a blog reader who fears your brand isn’t adequately displayed, I challenge you to find ways to carve your path and start loving your business and brand!

Happy Thursday!