Flying High


Today has been a whirlwind! We woke early and boarded what I truly thought was going to be my last plane ride. Ever. When we arrived to the small domestic airport, I knew it was going to be a new experience. For starters, our luggage has to be weighed to ensure the plane fly properly…what threw me for a loop was when the airline attendant asked me to STEP ON THE SCALE. What?!? Never. Never in a billion years would I even dream of stepping on a scale for anyone other than my doctor—and this only happens after sticker and lollipop bribery has taken place. I seriously prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me whole. Apparently, my prayer went unanswered because I had to stand on a scale much like a prized heifer. I promise, my face was the color of crimson! 🙂

When we finally boarded the small plane, I started to panic. Everything was fine and dandy initially, but once I buckled myself in, my life flashed before my eyes. Okay, this sounds dramatic. And perhaps I am. However, there wasn’t an inch of my body wasn’t scrunched with fear as we wobbled off the tarmac. Once we were airborne, the trip was lovely and the views were insane!

We arrived in Bluefield, Nicaragua this morning with the winds shaking the nearby trees and the grey sky threatening rain. A few hours later, we received news that we would not be able to charter a boat to the island because the water was far too choppy and difficult. So we spent the day eating, reading, playing games, and hanging out. Even though our plans have been slightly skewed, I’m having a great time thus far!