Free to Succeed Tour : Los Angeles


I’m not positive what cartoon movie it was, but as a child I’d sit mesmerized by a scene from I think was American Tale—you know the movie where an Eastern European family of mice travel to America for a new start and their son, Fivel, gets lost. I remember being envious of a mouse who mounted the top of a champagne cork, and took off flying once the bottle opened. I’d heavily sigh and shake my head in human disappoint. I wanted to fly on a champagne cork!

Lo and behold, twenty-something years later, I feel like I’m flying on a champagne cork…only a thousand times faster! Fivel ain’t got nothing on me now! My life went into overdrive immediately after the San Diego and hasn’t slowed since. I’m in Santa Barbara right now and will be shooting a wedding, then boarding the tour bus and heading to San Francisco, one of my most favorite cities in the world! The Free To Succeed stop in Los Angeles was fabulous and it was so nice to see 130+ hometown photographers come out full force. Holllllla!

Thanks to Rudy for taking this picture…

And a special thanks to my bestest friend, Brianna, for coming out and sprinkling her love. She’s not a photographer, but seeing her wave and smile from the back row made my heart melt. I don’t understand how I have such great friends, but I cherish them.

And here’s the coolest thing ever: A TREASURE HUNT! If you follow DJ’s Blog, you’d know he posted a video of a treasure hunt from the Los Angeles tour stop. If you want to see and learn more about it, you can click here. The premise of the hunt is the hide little cartoon characters of ourselves at a few stops on the tour and the person who finds it later wins $500 in Showit Cash! Hollla! My new friend Troy Grover found me in the lobby of the LAX Sheraton and he documented everything on film…hilarious!
**Updated To Add**
Carrie just left a comment and pointed me to their blog and I found this video of their failed expedition. I felt SO terribly that they didn’t win, but–dang–this video of failure was pretty hilarious! Thanks, Carrie and Sam…and start raising those kids RIGHT!!! 🙂