Fresh Prince and Off to Philly


Make no joke. I loved watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a kid. I lived for it. I’d laugh at Will and secretly wish I lived his posh life, even if it included the lightning bolts that were sculpted into the sides of his haircut. When the show started, my sister and I would rap into a happy oblivion—I pulllllllled up to house and yelled to the cabbie, Yo, Homes, smell ya later!—and I knew there and then I wanted to visit West Philadelphia. You know, where Will was born and raised.

Right now I’m packing to visit Philly—JD and I are shooting a wedding, but we’ll also visit the Liberty Bell, climb Rocky’s steps, eat a cheesesteak, and give a shout out to my homeboy, Will—and I’m praying for traveling mercies. Life has been very busy lately, but I’m blessed to be supported by an amazing husband and family.

Today, my heart broke when I was packing my camera gear. It was spread on our living room floor and Polo realized this meant bad news. He knows when my backpack is unfurled, he’s not coming with me. And it breaks my heart. I mean, how can I not be sad when looking at this face?!

From Philadelphia, I’m flying to Kansas City to join the Free to Succeed Tour, then heading to Chicago. Speaking of the tour, another Showit Contest was announced and I was able to conduct the treasure hunt in San Francisco! If you’d like to know how you can win $500 in Showit Bucks, just view the following video for the clues…

**Updated to Add**
The San Fran Winner was just announced, so thanks to those of you who tried! :)Happy Thursday!