Friday Randomness : Two Things At Once


For the past few weeks JD’s been dropping hints like a path of bread crumbs leading me to one of his crazy ideas. I say one because he has many ideas, but we can save talk of buying a food truck for a different blog post, umkay? JD mentioned getting another dog, a playmate for Polo. I can’t even get into that conversation because the fact that I’ve managed to keep a dog alive for six years surprised us both.

And don’t forget your hydrangea, he scolded. Ahh, yes. My hydrangea. I was given a hydrangea plant for my birthday and I haven’t killed it. Six weeks later and it’s still alive and kickin’ so, naturally, JD believes I’m competent and responsible. Because I can water a plant. So, heck, let’s get another dog while we’re at it!

I don’t think I can manage another dog right now, but I told JD if I can keep two plants alive simultaneously, I might consider getting a second dog. He then suggested buying me a cactus.

In more randomness of life…

When I came across this, I honestly believed JD drew this! 😉

If I ever found this in my kitchen, I might die from cuteness overload…