Friday Randomness : What’s On My Mind

Friday Randomness : What’s On My Mind


As a kid, I’d hide money in random places for a rainy day. In a band-aid box, in my pillow case (gross, I know), in my sock drawer. I didn’t know when I’d need money, so I hid it to brighten a day that had yet to arrive (I was a strange kid). These tendencies have stuck around because I found a stash of hidden gift cards in my desk drawer. It felt like Christmas in November. Now, who wants to go to Chipotle?!

We’re headed to Nebraska to photograph a wedding. I’m resisting the urge to picture myself running through fields of corn.

I’ve successfully kept a plant alive for four months. This is a personal record. It’s a cactus, but still.

My goal is to do all my Christmas shopping online…this is partially because I want to stay organized, and partially because I can sneak in a few gifts for myself without feeling guilty. HOW ELSE WOULD I MEET THE FREE SHIPPING MINIMUM?

I cried yesterday while JD and I walked our dog. I was happily munching on an apple when JD said, You must really like that apple… And then I cried. Little did JD know that phrase (you must really like that ____) was what the mean boys said when they saw me eating. In sixth grade, I was picked on for being overweight and the boys would make loud scarfing sounds if I was seen eating or drinking in public. Decades later, my husband hugged and apologized for resurrecting awful memories (to his defense, he didn’t know about the phrase) and swore he’d buy me a lifetime of apples.

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year and we’ve divided up who’s responsible to bring side dishes. I was asked to bring bread rolls. I suspect this is a not-so-secret diss on my cooking skills.

We spent a few days in Santa Barbara this week and a certain someone believed room service was all about him. Can you say DIVA?!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Freida -

    Can so relate to the stashing money. And I had to learn as I got older to check books or anything else I might be lending (or passing on) to someone in case I had tucked money into it.
    It use to be I would know I was never truly broke because I had some money somewhere still.
    I admit, I am working on changing this now.
    And great Polo photo. Hope he enjoyed room service!

      11.16.12 - 2:32 pm

  2. Kristin -

    Cuteness. Isn’t it amazing the power words have. Have no fear though, these days you are more known for being fabulous. 🙂

      11.16.12 - 3:08 pm

  3. Jessica -

    Awww Polo. He is TOO adorable.

      11.16.12 - 3:11 pm

  4. Jesselynn -

    Jasmine, I totally relate to having the most innocent remark become a trigger for awful memories. Kids can be so mean sometimes. I’m glad that JD was able to empathize and give you a giant hug…and here’s one especially huge one from myself!!

    -From someone who was also made fun of in HS.

      11.16.12 - 3:15 pm

  5. Melissa Kate -

    Hahahah poor JD! That apple story was so funny and cute. 🙂

      11.16.12 - 3:41 pm

  6. Lindsay -

    my cactus died….

      11.16.12 - 3:44 pm

  7. Alison -

    As a girl who killed a cactus, my plant caring abilities are legendary in my family! Thank God my kids are hearty little buggers! 🙂

      11.16.12 - 4:00 pm

  8. Tracy -

    I hate to tell you, but the corn is harvested. After combining is over all that’s left is stuble – the stalks are only two feet high. And some farmers will disc, so some fields will be dirt. Future reference, August is the best time to run through fields of corn. 🙂

      11.16.12 - 4:11 pm

  9. Tami Inoue -

    Thanks for posting this Jasmine…all of this. 🙂

      11.16.12 - 4:29 pm

  10. Lindsey -

    JASMINE! You leave that 6th grade you in the dust! I LITERALLY yesterday just showed a photo of you shooting to my husband and told him that your strong arms and perfect for a shooting dress body was inspirational to me and how important I think it is to maintain a healthy body for not only yourself, but for your business. Not to be rude, but I think people trust people more who have control of their bodies. : ) Have a great day you apple eating carrot cutting silly lady!

      11.16.12 - 5:25 pm

  11. Stephanie Stewart -

    POLO!!! You are so cute, I mean, handsome!

      11.16.12 - 6:29 pm

  12. clara w. -

    Ah! You are coming to my state! 🙂 This makes me ridiculously excited. The corn is all harvested, though, sorry! 🙂

      11.16.12 - 7:09 pm

  13. Chrissy Henry -

    you are precious.

      11.16.12 - 8:03 pm

  14. jp -

    I am a very guy guy but feel a little girly when I read your stuff…in a good way. You make me smile

      11.16.12 - 8:47 pm

  15. Sage -

    I’m so excited you’re coming to Nebraska! If you’re coming to Lincoln, beware game day traffic. It’s a beast.

      11.16.12 - 9:29 pm

  16. Brooke Coady -

    Ahh! Hooray for Nebraska! Although, I’m confused on why someone would get married on our last home game of the year and Osbournes last home game?! It’s just against our religion here 🙂

      11.16.12 - 9:31 pm

  17. Scarleth Nightingale -

    I truly adore POLO, he is such a cutie so I guess he’s totally allowed to be a diva! Love the story about the plant….Enjoy Nebraska! I’m sure you will have a great time!!!

      11.16.12 - 10:23 pm

  18. LEOLAK -

    POLO PIC!!! AND on a Friday random post?!? Awesome. Thats one sweet husband you have there. Safe travels and happy weekending!

      11.16.12 - 11:31 pm

  19. Alexis -

    This (the apple/mean words segment of your story) made me SAD because I’ve BEEN there in terms of being bullied not just for being overweight growing up but other things too. But when I read how sweet your husband’s response to your crying over the deeply embedded, degrading words of mean childhood bullies, it (the response from your JD) made me HAPPY because it’s a reminder not only of God’s goodness (hey he sent you a great guy like JD right ;), but of how HOPE is always on the HORIZON! 🙂

    God bless you J*! 🙂

      11.17.12 - 12:16 am

  20. ginny -

    Oh my gosh… I can relate to YOU! I had a very similar thing happen to me! My sister had cassette tapes from us when we were little girls. I was maybe 5 or 6 yrs old..the recording was of my sister and I talking..but the part of me saying that someone called me "fatso"….40 years later listening… I started crying like I was 5 years old. Thank you for sharing Jasmine. I can relate to you. xo

      11.17.12 - 1:00 am

  21. AnnaLisa -

    Love whats on your mind :-). Have a great wedding in Nebraska!

      11.17.12 - 1:14 am

  22. Todd P -

    funny , how dramatic things can feel from childhood,…you are beautiful in every way, and those same boys more then likely are very ugly people living very ugly lives….

    have fun in cow town,…and make JD cook you and apple pie for TG!

      11.17.12 - 1:28 am

  23. Karen -

    Polo gets to travel with you? That’s awesome. What a lucky dog!

      11.17.12 - 2:06 am

  24. ronnie -

    The Canary 🙂

      11.17.12 - 7:34 am

  25. Shayna -

    If you’re coming to Lincoln and bringing Polo there’s a really great dog park up Holmes Lake Park!

      11.17.12 - 6:23 pm

  26. Paulette S -

    You’re coming to Nebraska??! Oh how exciting! I’ve lived her 24 years and have never been through a cornfield, but I have been to a few Chipotles here a time or two or 500. 😉 Have a fabulous shoot!

      11.18.12 - 5:15 am

  27. Hannes Uys -

    Awesome photo!! On special dog!

      11.18.12 - 9:41 pm

  28. Amanda Marie Photography -

    JP…….lol Too funny.

      12.11.12 - 6:57 am

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