Friday Randomness : What’s On My Mind


As a kid, I’d hide money in random places for a rainy day. In a band-aid box, in my pillow case (gross, I know), in my sock drawer. I didn’t know when I’d need money, so I hid it to brighten a day that had yet to arrive (I was a strange kid). These tendencies have stuck around because I found a stash of hidden gift cards in my desk drawer. It felt like Christmas in November. Now, who wants to go to Chipotle?!

We’re headed to Nebraska to photograph a wedding. I’m resisting the urge to picture myself running through fields of corn.

I’ve successfully kept a plant alive for four months. This is a personal record. It’s a cactus, but still.

My goal is to do all my Christmas shopping online…this is partially because I want to stay organized, and partially because I can sneak in a few gifts for myself without feeling guilty. HOW ELSE WOULD I MEET THE FREE SHIPPING MINIMUM?

I cried yesterday while JD and I walked our dog. I was happily munching on an apple when JD said, You must really like that apple… And then I cried. Little did JD know that phrase (you must really like that ____) was what the mean boys said when they saw me eating. In sixth grade, I was picked on for being overweight and the boys would make loud scarfing sounds if I was seen eating or drinking in public. Decades later, my husband hugged and apologized for resurrecting awful memories (to his defense, he didn’t know about the phrase) and swore he’d buy me a lifetime of apples.

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year and we’ve divided up who’s responsible to bring side dishes. I was asked to bring bread rolls. I suspect this is a not-so-secret diss on my cooking skills.

We spent a few days in Santa Barbara this week and a certain someone believed room service was all about him. Can you say DIVA?!

Happy Friday!