Further Proof


I woke early this morning and got some pretty fantastic news this morning via email (more on that later this week!), reorganized my living room shortly thereafter, then headed off to church. I know this may come off oddly, but I really like going to church. I like singing outloud (even though those sitting next to me might not appreciate it) and sitting so close to JD that I can smell the soft scents of his after-shave as he exhales. And I like the sounds of rustling pages as Bibles are opened.

But, then again, I like pages…and all things paper for that matter.

As some of you may know, I thoroughly obsessed with Post-Its. And by obsessed I mean I don’t know how people survived for so long with out the most ingenious invention since, oh, say, the telephone. I can’t survive without at least twenty-seven Post-Its floating around my desk, computer, and purse regarding everything from a To-Do lists, grocery lists, quotes I’ve read somewhere that need to archived or forever forgotten. So one can just imagine my joy when I saw these adorable Post-Its on my mother’s desk (and, ahem, later stole them from her):

So, I believe these are just further proof that there is a God…because, really, who else would care about making some genius at 3M so brilliant in creating the coolest pieces of sticky paper in the world? And make them PINK?! Genius. Sheer genius. ***UPDATE***
Double bonus cool points to D BAKER for sending this schnazzy link my way…now I have a Post-It embedded in my blog!! I LOOOOVE it!! 🙂 Feel free to leave me a message after the beep. BEEP.

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