Good Reads, Good News


When life gets hairy, I have a tendency to have little patience, lack creativity, and–let’s just be real–act crabby. And not even the cute kind of crabby. Just plain, old, You’re Ugly kind of crabby. When this happens, JD usually pats my hand and says, It’s time for you to get a book isn’t it? And just like that, he knows I need an escape. Because that’s what books are to me, a way to live in someone else’s life and dissect the pretty words that describe every scene.

In the past month or so, I’ve read three books that I’d love to give a little shout out to in case there are people looking for good reads as we approach the holiday season…
*TRADE OFF by Kevin Maney. My good friend David Jay recommended I read this book. He’s an avid business book reader, so when I challenged me to define my brand in relation to Maney’s Convenience/Quality scale, I was in. It’s a super easy read, but the content is awesome. It opened my eyes and made me realize just how important the direction I’m moving different aspects my business. Such an awesome read!

*MARCH by Geraldine Brooks. I blogged a bit ago encountering Brooks’ People of the Book and I was in looove. Her writing style just makes my heart jealous and the way she interweaves historical fiction makes me swoon. March won a Pulitzer Prize and it’s easy to see why…her documentation of the Civil War from the perspective of Mr. March, the father/husband character from Little Women is beyond heartbreaking, and beautifully written.

*WEDDING WISDOM by Mary Dann and Leila Khalil. I was beyond honored to have photos grace the pages of this book, but when I discovered my photo was chosen as the cover image, I was thrilled! When I received my copy last week, I sat down and read the entire book in about an hour. It’s awesome. It’s written by famed wedding coordinator Mary Dann and public relations specialist, Leila Khalil, and if you’re interested in becoming a wedding coordinator, or merely want to refine your coordination business, this book is for you. It’s filled with Mary’s insight and wisdom, but always gives full access to her email etiquette, contracts, and timelines. Totally awesome.

In other totally random news, I’m incredibly stoked and humbled to announce I’ll be a platform speaker next March at WPPI 2010. When I received the news I was selected, I cried. No, like sobbed. How my life has made its way through mangled paths and crooked streets is beyond me, and to speak in front of my peers is beyond comprehension. To know that just three years earlier at WPPI I had no one to eat dinner with, to soon be giving a platform presentation is the most humbling thing. Ever. I’ll be presenting on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 8am**, so I’d love to meet you there!

**Yes, I know I’m speaking the morning after every epic party in Vegas is slated to drop, but I fully plan in going to EVERY party and slipping a Benadryl tablet in everyone’s drinks. You’ll go to bed early and wake up refreshed and ready to come hang out bright and early. Right? Riiiiight?!? I’m terrified I’ll be speaking to a room full of empty chairs, and JD off in the corner wearing a J* t-shirt waving pom-poms. He plans on being my biggest cheerleader.