Greystone Mansion Engagement : Gabby+Adam


They have a president to thank for bringing them together. And, no, it’s not Obama, although they work for the Democratic party in Washington D.C. It’s President John Adams who caused Gabby and Adam to end up together one night curled up in front of his television watching an HBO miniseries on his life. Getting to the couch, however, was no small feat.

Adam saw Gabby and he noticed she possessed a certain something that made her stick out from all the other girls in the Capitol. She was bright, beautiful, and Jewish…with an amazing set of eyebrows. Yes, they spoke about her eyebrows the first time they met at a party for a mutual friend. Noticing his interest in all things in addition to her eyebrows, Gabby told Adam they were just friends. After a few failed attempts of fostering more than her platonic affection, Adam ignored Gabby for two weeks. No calls, texts, emails. Nothing. At a St. Patrick’s party–after weeks of his blatant disregard–Gabby went out of her way to talk to Adam.

Armed with her Prada clutch in one hand and a drink in another, Gabby partied and flirted. Perhaps a little too much because, whoa, she needed a ride home. Adam dropped her off and said goodnight with nothing more than a farewell, much to her chagrin. Undeterred, the next evening Gabby invited Adam to watch John Adams. They cuddled on the couch that evening and have spent every day together since then.

I was incredibly excited to meet Gabby and Adam for their engagement photos at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills last week. The weather was beautiful and I had a blast getting to know them better…I can’t wait for their wedding this June!

One of the most beautiful things photographing at Greystone Mansion is the abundance of amazing light…and, clearly, Gabby and Adam know how to work it to their advantage…

One of things I was most impressed by Adam was his acute attentiveness to Gabby…be it his wit, charm, or humor, he constantly kept Gabby on her toes…

Gabby, you’re gorgeous.

We joke that Adam is a buttoned-up East Coaster with limited capacity for fun and lightheartedness (his words, not mine), so I’m adding this photo to ensure we got at least one portrait that displays his uber cool part-time model side! 😉

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